Tutorial: Getting Started

In this tutorial you will create a new project, import Dissonance and set up some settings required for Dissonance to work properly.

1. Import Dissonance

Import the Dissonance asset into the project. Every time you import a new version of Dissonance a window will pop up offering to take you to the latest changelog, you can launch this window again by navigating to Windows > Dissonance > Welcome Screen.

2. Download Integrations

On the welcome screen is a list of integrations available for Dissonance. You should install at least one network backend integration - read these docs for help on choosing which one to use.

3. Run In Background

Since this is a multiplayer game you're going to need the game to continue running (and processing network packets) even when the game window does not have focus. To do this navigate to Edit -> Project Settings -> Player, the inspector pane will now change to show the player settings, check the box labeled "Run In Background".

4. Per Platform Specific Setup

Some platforms have special setup requirements, make sure to read the documentation for the platforms you want to work with:

4. Complete!

That's all you need to get a project set up and ready for Dissonance. Next, follow the appropriate Quick Start tutorial for the network system you plan to use for your game: