Spatializer Plugins

Unity natively supports Audio Spatializers for virtual reality (VR) projects. To find out more about how to use an Audio Spatializer in your project refer to the Unity documentation. When not using a spatializer plugin Dissonance will automatically apply basic spatialization itself, this interferes with native spatialization plugins and must be disabled when using one.

Dissonance includes two default playback prefabs in the Assets/Plugins/Dissonance/Resources directory. To begin using a spatialization plugin simply use the SpatializedPlaybackPrefab - all voices will now be spatialized using the spatializer plugin you have selected.

Spatialization And Custom Playback Prefabs

Audio Source

If you are creating a custom playback prefab enaling spatialization is very simple - just tick the Spatialize checkbox on the AudioSource in the prefab.