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This object exposes properties and method to do with rooms that the local player is speaking to. For rooms the player is listening to see this documentation intead.

Count : int⚓︎

The number of rooms which the local player is a speaking to.

Contains(RoomChannel) : bool⚓︎

Returns a boolean value indicating if the local player is speaking to the given channel.

Open(string, [bool], [ChannelPriority], [float]) : RoomChannel⚓︎

Opens a channel to begin speaking to the given room and returns a RoomChannel which represents this open channel (and can be used to close it).

Takes three optional parameters. 1. A boolean value indicating if this channel should use positional playback 2. A ChannelPriority which indicates the priority of this channel 3. A float which indicates the volume to play back this channel with

Close(RoomChannel) : bool⚓︎

Closes the given channel and returns a boolean indicating if the channel was open in the first place.