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Direct Access To Recorded Audio

Direct Access To Recorded Audio⚓︎

Dissonance includes a mechanism for directly accessing the stream of recorded audio, this can be used to drive features such as recording the mic input to file or passing it through a Speech-To-Text system.

There are two ways to implement this, direct low-level access through IMicrophoneSubscriber and easier access through BaseMicrophoneSubscriber.

Once you have created a script which uses either of these systems you must register it to receive data from Dissonance by calling FindObjectOfType<DissonanceComms>().SubscribeToRecordedAudio(your_script) and passing in your script as your_script.


This provides easy access to the microphone audio stream. This script handles capturing and buffering the data, it is delivered in batches on the main thread.


This provides direct access to the microphone audio stream as directly as possible. Audio is delivered to the ReceiveMicrophoneData method on the background audio processing thread not the main thread. Only use this if BaseMicrophoneProvider does not meet your use case!